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Delaware State Police Application Process Joins the Web


Presented by the Director of Public Information Sergeant Richard D. Bratz

The Delaware State Police is pleased to announce the application process for employment with the Division is now on-line with the State of Delaware Vendor JobAps. The system went live on June 22, 2017 after nine-months of configuration with JobAps, who has been the state vendor for the past few years.  The State Police’s application requirements differ significantly from the other State Agencies.  These proprietary requirements include comprehensive background investigations, physical testing, panel interviews, and medical testing that was not previously part of the State’s contract with JobAps.

The newly designed JobAps module for the State Police replaces the old paper application for all positions within the Division. This on-line access will enhance the State Police’s efficiency internally, but more importantly for those applying for positions with the Division. It is always a challenge recruiting for law enforcement positions and having an applicant complete paper applications was a hurdle, especially for the men and women serving in our military.

The Delaware State Police accepts applications for the position of Trooper Recruit continuously and is currently accepting applications for 92nd DSP Recruit Class tentatively scheduled for 2018.  However, applicants wishing to begin the testing process in early August must have their applications submitted in JobAps by 4:00 p.m. on July 14, 2017.  Applicants received after this date will be considered for a future testing cycle.   For more information, or to apply for a position with the Delaware State Police, visit .

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