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The Delaware State Police is providing access to this free website which makes crime information available to the public. The mapping service allows residents to analyze interactive maps of recent crime activity near neighborhoods, workplaces, schools and places of interest.

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Be Informed
Engaging the communities we serve is necessary to crime prevention. Crime mapping is one tool that serves that purpose and is an example of DSP’s effort to leverage technology to improve services to better inform the public. Like a virtual neighborhood, it is an opportunity to lend a hand for families who want to see what is going on in their community. It helps to reduce misinformation when people have real time data and facts. Mapping data can also act as a deterrent to crime and serve as a safety measure in community policing to allow people the opportunity to be more engaged, aware and cautious.

People who know of crime in an area is an effective tool in fostering safe communities. Subscribe to email alerts will provide you with the ability to quickly understand the activity in your neighborhood and take precautionary steps. For example being alerted to the latest burglary or theft from a vehicle on may prompt you to be more observant and cautious about locking doors and securing all of your property.

Crimemapping 9As of September 13, 2017, the Delaware State Police saw 10,003 total site interactions since January 2017. Put another way, people are informed about crime for our agency via, on average, 39 times per day. There are currently 130 active alerts setup for Delaware State Police, 94% of users came directly from the  Delaware State Police Official Website.

Our goals are to keep the public informed of crimes that may affect them and to allow the community to assist in the crime reduction process for a safer Delaware.

Crime Mapping

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