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Delaware State Police Announce the Recipients of the Cameron Logan DUI Education Award

On April 28, 2018, two Delaware State Troopers, one from the North and one from the South of the First State were the recipient of the Cameron Logan DUI Education Award for their exemplary dedication and commitment to DUI enforcement and education. The Cameron Logan Scholarship Fund (Logan FUNd) was established by Cameron’s friends and family as a legacy to his memory.  Cameron was killed by a drunk driver in May, 2001, right before prom and his graduation from Salesianum School. Chosen by their peers and superiors, the recipients, Trooper First Class Jessica Lang and Trooper First Class August Zickgraf, III, are two heroic individuals who passionately pursue proactive measures to remove drunk drivers from our roadways and seek additional training to represent and educate others on the critical effects of driving distracted or under the influence.  In 2017, these two Troopers made a combined total of 92 DUI arrests, spearheading the removal of reckless and impaired drivers off of Delaware’s roadways.

Trooper First Class Jessica Lang is currently assigned to Troop 7 where she quickly found her passion for DUI enforcement and has excelled in the area of proactive patrol and taking impaired drivers off the road. TFC Lang continued to excel and demonstrate her willingness and eagerness to remove drunk drivers from the roadways in Troop 7 territory during 2017. TFC Lang demonstrates a high level of initiative while seeking out, identifying, and apprehending these drivers to make the highways safer in Sussex County, Delaware. In 2017, TFC Lang made 39 DUI arrests. TFC Lang has completed the Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE) class, which has allowed her to gain additional skills to utilize while conducting traffic stops. Most recently, TFC Lang continued to broaden her scope and was accepted into the Drug Recognition Expert School (DRE). She will be a certified DRE in the State of Delaware, and with the increase of opiate use and other illegal substances, this skill is a much needed asset to ensure not only are impaired drivers removed from our highways in Delaware, but also convicted and serve time as applicable.

Trooper First Class August Zickgraf is currently assigned to Troop 6 where he is very passionate about DUI enforcement and takes these investigations seriously. TFC Zickgraf has an extensive base of knowledge concerning DUI investigations and is continually looking for ways to expand and improve his awareness in the area of DUI investigations. In 2017, TFC Zickgraf made 53 DUI arrests.  TFC Zickgraf successfully completed the Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE) training and has recently passed the Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) training class in which he is a certified Drug Recognition Expert in the State of Delaware. TFC Zickgraf participants in the DSP DUI Mentoring Program.  He completed a DUI “Mocktail” presentation with the staff at Christiana Hospital on June 26th, 2017, and the presentation included instruction, education, and demonstration surrounding DUI investigations.  TFC Zickgraf has been given numerous accolades from the Attorney General’s Office concerning his thorough DUI reports and excellent testimony in court for several DUI prosecutions.

“We will not forget the bright future that awaited Cameron. We will not forget why this tragedy occurred. We will not tolerate accidents caused by Drunk drivers with loved ones left to ask, “Why?” Instead we honor the legacy of Cameron Logan with a promise…” these are the words written by a police officer and given to State Troopers before they pick their annual Cameron Logan DUI Education Award winners.

After 7 years of impact and advocacy at “the FUNd,” this May marked the 4th Cameron Logan DUI Education Awards given to two Delaware State Troopers; The Logan FUNd is humbled and honored that the award has been named after Cameron for such an imperative and pressing cause.

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